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The Bunk Episode 9: Merry Mithmas

  Yes, it's Mithmas, not Mythmas! Support the show on Patreon Facebook Twitter Aron Ra on Patheos Aron Ra on Youtube Article: Dogs are smarter than cats Reference: Gerhard Roth, Ursula Dicke, Evolution of the brain and intelligence, In Trends in Cognitive...
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The Bunk Episode 8: The Birds and the Bats (With Jake Farr-Wharton)

Head transplants, human cats, smarter swearing, missile defence, cancer curing apples, human meat restaurant, the incompetent doctors, vaccine studies, and the intelligence of cats.

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The Bunk Episode 7: Don’t Budgen (With Noah Lugeons)

Alliumphobic cancer, brainy babies, and poisonous apricot seeds.

Main Story: Cancer isn’t a disease, it’s a survival mechanism.

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The Bunk Episode 6: And We’re Back!

Where did we go, what is Skepticon, and did Bill Gates get thrown out of India?

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Episode 5: 100% Nambian Covfefe

A few quick easy stories that don’t require much investigation. Psychic Vampire Repellent, OSCAR the modular body, is there a multidimensional universe inside your brain, can we just nuke hurricanes, are women putting wasp nests inside their vaginas, did Mary Shelley keep her husband’s heart wherever she went?

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Episode 4: Andrew Wakefield

A chronological look at the controversy that sparked the anti-vaccine movement. A look at Wakefield, his motivations, and how his defences stand up to scrutiny. A little different to the normal format, but hopefully you find this story useful.

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Episode 3: Nazi Vampire Fish

Anti-gay posters broken down, eating feral animals, and vampire facials.

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Episode 2: Cadmi-Yum

Rant on science conspiracy theories, looking at heavy metals in chocolate, and listening in to a speech by David Avocado Wolfe

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Radio Waves

Episode 1: Radio-Active

An introduction to the show, focusing mostly on dealing with a mounting problem at the Fukushima Daiichi site, and how bad of a director James is (I’ll get better, I promise)

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There is no Dana!

Stay tuned for the first episode of The Bunk, coming soon! The latest episode will be posted on this header, so keep an eye out.

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No show this week

I had a show this week, and I was quite happy with it, but then this happened. And in the interest of keeping stories topical, this episode has been scrapped so I can bury my head in the hell that is Middle Eastern politics for a week. This would also be good...
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