The world of the media is full of untruths. From embellishments to straight out lies, from mainstream media to the social media, it seems that everybody is stretching to produce the most breaking and click-worthy story.

The impact of this large-scale misinformation can be insidious but damaging. People often end up taking bad medical advice based off a misreported journal article, or just after a while decide that science has no idea what it’s talking about and stop listening all together. Innocent people can be targeted for something that they had no part in, or at least their actions are not as bad as are made out. Or perhaps there is more to a story. There are many motivations but the end result is the same, everybody is tired of the so-called “Fake News”

The Bunk aims to take a close look at stories, reporting only on the known facts and pointing out the gaps in our knowledge and acknowledging them as just that, gaps. We don’t always know everything, and it’s up to the audience to make up their minds based on the facts, not told what the facts are. The information will be presented with enough humour and candidness to be interesting, but stick to what is real. All the information will be cited, any information that cannot be backed up by factual research will either be completely left out, or declared as merely conjecture.

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James has had a keen interest in science ever since a young boy, pulling apart toys to try to work out how they work, and trying (often unsuccessfull) to put them back together. The latter part would thankfully be resolved when many years later, after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Science majoring in Chemistry and Forensics, and a two year stint as an analytical chemist, he’d wind up working as a scientific service technician for 5 years, pulling apart and successfully reassembling scientific equipment.


After a few more years in and out of laboratories he noticed that routine laboratory work was no longer satisfying. After an existential crisis or two, he decided to turn his frustration for misreporting in the news, particularly about science, to good use. The Bunk was born. It would be another couple of years before he drummed up the courage to give the project the full time dedication that it needed to get off the ground.

Assisting him in this journey is the skills he learned from 20 years as a musician, playing mostly guitar and singing, as well as dabbling in a few instruments, and building his own recording studio and teaching himself how to use it.


Lucy is The Bunk’s resident peer review expert. She has the unenviable task of keeping James on his toes and asking him questions to make sure he’s done his research. She is also a Data Analytics Expert at Brisbane Technology Services. She works with their clients to help give them an advanced understanding of their data. Working with our technical team Lucy uses her knowledge of applied mathematics and statistics to provide meaningful insights from large data sets.  An expert at big data analytics Lucy brings a deep knowledge of a wide range of tools including Monte Carlo analysis, Excel, VB, R and Matlab. If you have never heard of these don’t worry Lucy has!

With a Masters of Science from QUT she earned after earning a BSc through the Deans Scholars Accelerated Program, Lucy has all the chops that it takes to make sure The Bunk stays on track!