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Cancer runs away from garlic (The original is now gone, but this one has the same caption, but the audio has been removed)

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Washington State University Neuroscience for Kids
Children and Brain Development: What We Know About How Children Learn (University of Maine)

Ileana L. Hanganu-Opatz, Between molecules and experience: Role of early patterns of coordinated activity for the development of cortical maps and sensory abilities, In Brain Research Reviews, Volume 64, Issue 1, 2010, Pages 160-176, ISSN 0165-0173,

Man treated for cyanide poisoning from apricot kernels says, ‘Selling them like nuts is nuts’
Wikipedia article on amygdalin

Other case studies
Fatal poisoning of an 11 month old who’s father had been taking “Laetrile” as a cancer treatment
Near fatal poisoning of a 4 year old cancer patient who had been receiving “Laetrile” as a cancer treatment
Multiple poisonings and fatalities of children in Gaza who had consumed sweets made with apricot kernels
Acute cyanide poisoning of a woman who had consumed apricot kernels purchased at a health food store

Herbal supplements fail DNA test in New York investigation of store brands
Herbal supplements industry lashes out at fraud claims
Example of a scare campaign trying to “warn” people of cyanide on cyanocobalamin (which is not an issue by any means)

Main Story

Wikipedia article on Spirulina (the egg tasting green goo)

olivia budgen screen shot
Olivia responds to criticism (video)
Wikipedia article on Neways
The Mucusless diet (Olivia Budgen)
The rationale (and fallacy) behind the mucusless diet
There is only one disease (Olivia Budgen)
Why you should not kill you candida (Olivia Budgens, video)
What is the symbiotic relationship between E. coli and humans?
Symbiotic relationship between Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans synergizes virulence of plaque biofilms in vivo.
Wikipedia article on insulin
Fact sheet on chemotherapy
Olivia Budgen fasting (video)


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