Things have been pretty busy here at The Bunk over the last month and a half. After consulting with friends and family I finally summoned up the courage to dedicate the full time hours that this project requires, and I’ve since set about working on a couple of stories, setting up a virtual office, and getting this website up and running. The virtual office has been the most time consuming, but also the most exciting and rewarding. From a humble little Raspberry Pi board, I’ve built everything I need to work from anywhere in the world, even without my computer, and I’ve started this website as a self-hosted site. Eventually the plan is to move it to a hosted site and use this little Pi as a mirror site. Now that everything is running, it’s back to the work of producing content, and getting an actual podcast out! Considering the size of the full setup that I have and that it allows me the ability to work anywhere in the world even without my own computer, it’s amazing how far technology has come! Even going back 10 years this would have taken up a decent sized rack in a room and required air conditioning. Now it just sits silently in the corner where nobody notices it.

I’d also like to welcome Lucy on board. Lucy has been a friend of mine for many years, and her dedication to science education as well as her vast scientific skillset makes her a perfect host for the show. We both look forward to bringing you some quality content.

– James


The humble Raspberry Pi. This little Quad-core 1GHz computer does all the network stuff, including hosting this website.

The Raspberry Pi hooked up to a hard drive controller and hard drive, so that it can act as a file-server as well. Also featuring my luscious winter coat.

In the process of making the box for the whole setup. Also featuring a power supply. This whole setup means that I get a black box that I can just plug in to and everything will just work.

The full setup. From top to bottom, the network server, the internet router, and an old laptop that I use as an app server, for running certain programs remotely from any computer.